Decommissioning Air-Conditioning Units


In the UK and Europe it is illegal to decommission air conditioning systems unless you are qualified to handle refrigerants. It can also be dangerous to try and remove the unit yourself. For this reason we offer a safe and affordable service to make sure any units you no longer want are removed and responsibly recycled. We offer this service regardless of whether we fitted the air conditioning unit for you.

So if you have an old unit to want to get rid of, get in touch with one of our friendly engineers to arrange your no obligation quote.


How do you remove an air conditioner?

You need to call a registered air conditioning engineer! The Systems contain refrigerant in liquid gas form at a standing pressure of circa 12bar (180psi). Disconnecting or cutting pipe work is illegal and dangerous. A special recovery unit is used to evacuate the refrigerant into a cylinder for disposal via the gas supplier. The system has to be electrically isolated and made safe.

Why can I not remove the air conditioning unit myself?

In the UK and Europe it is illegal to decommission air conditioning systems unless you are qualified to handle refrigerants. The old R22 gas is ozone depleting and other gasses in the units have huge implications for global warming. Refrigerant therefore must be recovered correctly and not vented to atmosphere. Electrical items also have to be correctly disposed of and air conditioning units aren’t typically accepted at local recycling centres.

Additionally, attempting to decommission a system can be dangerous for non-qualified personnel due to the risk of electric shock, refrigerant burns and falling equipment, so it is something that should never be attempted.

1. FGas Regulations (EC) 842/2006

2. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013

What will you do with the old airconditioning unit?

They units are decontaminated of oil, the metals are separated and the electronics are recycled via selected recycling companies in Manchester. A Waste Transfer Note is then issued when the waste gas cylinders are returned to the wholesaler. Please note these are only issued to Fgas certified contractors and not to the public.

How much does it cost to remove an air conditioning unit?

A small domestic unit can be as little as £170 (including VAT) to be safely removed and disposed of.

Can I just replace my air conditioning unit?

We are happy to quote for a replacement unit. Please contact us for more information.

Will there be much mess/damage to the wall?

On removal of your equipment we will block any holes with fire retardant expanding foam or mortar. The site will then be swept and left tidy, ready for you to attend to any necessary interior decoration.

Could I not resell the air conditioning unit?

There is a very limited market for second hand units. It would need to be virtually new with a valid warranty.

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