Wifi Control of your Air Conditioner Just Got Easier

Controlling your air conditioning unit with a smart phone or mobile device has been around for 5 years now. It involved plugging a lead into the main circuit board, trailing wires and was generally not a tidy job although it worked.

Not so anymore. Intesis, a Spanish company, has made it a whole lot simpler. Plug a small box the size of a cigarette packet into a power point in the room where you have the AC and ‘Hey Presto!’ once you have downloaded their app you can control the AC from anywhere. Forgot to turn it off when you went on holiday?Not a problem. Want to heat the house before you get home? It’s easy. Pets getting hot at home in summer while you are at work? It’s sorted.

Their magic box communicates with the infra red receiver on the unit and gives you full control however the system has to be wifi enabled so check with your installer first. Most manufacturers have wifi enabled equipment now. Carrier, the US manufacturer has a unique system whereby the wifi receiver is built into the cover and activated with a special USB stick. An even tidier solution. It’s all part of the internet of Things but can save you money too.

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