Manchester – Topping the table for air conditioning installations

We’ve had a crazy few months at North West Air Conditioning. We’ve installed more air conditioning systems then ever before, especially in Manchester. We’ve been installing systems in homes, offices, schools, hair salons, dentist surgeries, gyms… you name it, we’ve been hard at work.

There’s been high demand due to the non-stop sunshine the UK has been experiencing but the next few months will be equally as busy as we have more installations in Altrincham, Castlefield, Didsbury and New Islington booked in.

We’re the number 1 choice when it comes to air conditioning installation and maintenance in Manchester.

If you’re thinking ‘What’s the point in getting air conditioning in Manchester, it’ll be winter soon’ you’ll be under the impression that air conditioning systems can only be used to cool you down. The truth is, air conditioning units can take you from a heatwave to a snowstorm. They’re great at cooling a room but also heating it up.

Air conditioning systems – feel the benefit all year round

A modern air conditioning unit is much more efficient than central heating as you can get up to three kilowatts of heat from one kilowatt of electricity. A central heating system will typically produce one kilowatt of heat from one kilowatt of electricity. This means that having an air conditioning system could result in lower energy bills, which is good news for your wallet.

If you have a business in Manchester and don’t currently have air conditioning system you should ask whether it would boost the morale of your staff and make a more positive environment for both your staff and your customers. You shouldn’t underestimate the difference an air conditioning system can make, having a constant temperature has numerous health benefits. It can stop bacteria from multiplying as quickly, so could stop bugs being passed around your workplace, resulting in fewer sick days being taken.

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We apologize to all who were not able to get hold of us at the height of the heat wave but we have never experienced such a high level of enquiries.  The whole industry was overwhelmed with call outs and new enquiries on top of what is a busy period anyway even when we have poor weather.  Don’t forget projects go ahead whatever the weather (shop refits, building work incorporating AC,annual maintenance schedules etc).
Don’t wait for the good weather to have AC installed, arrange to have it when installers have the time and be ready for the next heat wave. By all accounts they are going to be a regular event!

If you would like to book an installation in your home or workplace, give us a call today on 0161 941 5038 or fill in our enquiry form. We are here to serve Manchester and beyond.

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