Keeping cool whilst getting fit

If you currently have your own home gym or are looking at fitting one out, you should consider having an air conditioning system installed. Whether your home gym is in a spare room, converted garage or in its own self-contained building, you’ll want it to give you the perfect gym experience every time, especially if you’re a personal trainer using the gym for clients.

A home gym can be a sanctuary, a place to enjoy some ‘me time’ or to make a living while your train clients, a place to get any stress or tension out of your or their bodies. Your body temperature will naturally rise as you work out but if your home gym is already quite stuffy, you might be left feeling warmer and sweater than you’d like. If ventilation is an issue, if there are no windows, for instance, the air will quickly become stale.

An air conditioning system is the answer

A modern air conditioning system can make your home gym a cool place to be! It will give you control of the room’s temperature and help circulate fresh air. There are also health benefits to having an air conditioning system. These include:

  • If you have asthma, hay fever or a dust allergy you may find your symptoms are relieved
  • They can remove odours and harmful gases
  • Being cool can help speed up your metabolism

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Air conditioning systems can be used all-year round. On chilly days they can be used to heat up a room to your preferred temperature and they’re cost-effective. Heating a room using your air conditioning system rather than using traditional central heating can save you £££ off your energy bills.

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We have recently fitted air con systems in several home gyms in Cheshire and Manchester. We understand how important good design is and can recommend the right system for your home. To discuss your requirements and budget, give us a call on 0161 941 5038 or fill in our contact form.

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