Keep a cool head with air con for golf simulators

Golf simulators are an increasingly popular way to practise your swing in all weathers from the safety of a sheltered indoor location.

But with all the equipment it takes to simulate a fairway in just a few square feet of floor space, it can start to get hot in that enclosed space, creating a need for air con for golf simulators.

Sophisticated indoor golf simulators combine several different modern technologies, for example:

  • Screens and projectors to display a virtual fairway in front of the player.
  • Computer sensors to detect the swing and the speed and direction of the ball.
  • Other sensors such as sound/radar for even more accurate measurement.

In many modern golf simulators, stereoscopic cameras are positioned around the room and use high framerate video to ‘see’ the speed and direction of the ball in order to simulate the shot.

The more equipment installed in an enclosed space, the warmer it’s going to get – unless that equipment includes air conditioning for golf simulators.

By fitting air con in indoor golf simulators, you help to cool the equipment and the player alike, creating a comfortable environment for longer practice sessions, and preventing valuable simulator equipment from overheating.


Air con for golf simulators of all sizes

At Northwest Air Conditioning we work on all sizes of commercial and residential properties – so whether you run a leisure centre, driving range or other commercial premises, or you’re installing a golf simulator in a spare room at home, we can give you a quote.

It’s important to make sure you install the right air conditioning for golf simulators due to their unique challenges – the often quite small enclosed space, the large amount of heat-generating equipment and the need to keep it all reliably cool.

By coming to Northwest Air Conditioning, you benefit from our expertise in this area, after years of experience installing air conditioning in golf simulators and similar settings across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire and beyond.

You can request a free quote by filling in our online form and we’ll even include a free survey to make sure the quote we give you is completely bespoke and suitable for your needs.

This includes air con for both domestic and commercial golf simulators, whether you want to air condition just the one room or as part of a complete air con system for your entire home or business.

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