Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the AC superhero team!

Has your current air conditioning system been in situ for many years and showing signs that it’s on its way out? If the worst happened and it completely shut down, who would you call? Being without a working air conditioning system or air conditioning units is unthinkable in some businesses. If it did happen, there could be huge cost implications if you didn’t get it fixed pronto.

Northwest Air Conditioning, here for you

In an ideal world, you’d get in touch with us before complete breakdown so that we could listen to your requirements, find a solution that fits your budget and plan a date for installation.  This can save you a lot of stress and worry. However, we recognise that this isn’t always possible. Sometimes older AC systems, or those fitted by a company that isn’t accredited, can go wrong unexpectedly and you’re faced with a dilemma. If this happens, give us a call on  0161 941 5038, day or night.

We are the experts

We offer an emergency call-out service that is above and beyond what other air conditioning companies offer. We might mainly work to scheduled installations but we are always prepared to put a “blue light” on the van and respond to an emergency.  

Mike, our lead engineer tells of a recent emergency call-out he attended: “We sprang into action when we received a call from Netvu Ltd in Antrobus stating that their server room AC had crashed, leaving 15k of new servers without cooling.

“I assessed the site on the same day, decommissioned and removed the old AC the next day and by the third day a new Mitsubishi SRK71ZS unit was up and running. No sweat!”

Get in touch

If you need an emergency call-out or wish to discuss the different options available to you, contact us today by ringing 0161 941 5038 or by filling out our contact form.

In order for any air conditioning system to run at 100% it needs to serviced annually. If you haven’t booked your service yet, don’t delay, get it arranged today before the summer rush or something goes wrong. Prevention is always better than cure.

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