Get your air conditioning ready for a hot spring (& summer)

We might have had a colder winter than normal, but this spring and summer is set to be a hot one, so you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioning system is operating at 100%.

The big switch on

Although air conditioning systems can be used to heat a room, as well as to cool it, most people don’t think about their air conditioning units until the weather improves in March. Once they switch on their air conditioning unit, some people find that it smells or leaks water. To sort this out, a visit by a maintenance engineer will be needed. All air conditioning systems should have an annual check, so if you’ve not booked yours yet, why not give us a call on 0161 941 5038?

As good as new

When one of our engineers calls for scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning units they’ll conduct a thorough inspection before completing our 20 point checklist. It covers all major aspects of your air conditioning system.
Filters will be cleaned to ensure good airflow around the heat exchangers which in turn will be treated with specialist cleaning products and biocides to kill odour creating bacteria. Drains and condensate pumps will be flushed and checked, as well as electrical connections and all general fixings.

Call in the professionals

Any air conditioning system maintenance must be carried out by F Gas registered technicians by law using industry specific products. Depending on your site official bodies such as the CQC, Ofsted or the HSE may require site of record keeping and maintenance.

Your warranty is also dependent on proof of annual maintenance so get in touch for a quote. If your air conditioning system has been in situ for a number of years you may also want to see how much it would cost to replace with a modern, more efficient system. We’d be happy to give you a price, just give us a call on 0161 941 5038. We are the air conditioning experts.

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