Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get legionella from my air conditioning?
Ans: No. The vast majority of air conditioning systems consist of a sealed circuit of refrigerant within the vapour compression cycle of cooling. It’s a bit like your fridge really!

Are air conditioning systems noisy?
Ans: No. Old systems dating back 15 years or more could be noisy as they were fixed speed on/off systems. Modern inverter systems are extremely quiet at around 55-65db for the outside unit and down to 19 dB for the indoor unit(virtually inaudible)

If I buy a system on the internet will you fit it?
Ans: No I only fit systems from official distributors with a formal infrastructure of training, technical support and spares backup. In this way the provenance of equipment is guaranteed and the warranty is up to seven years.

Can I fit my own system if I buy on the internet?
Ans: NO. It is illegal to install air conditioning if you do not hold an F-Gas certificate. To complete an installation special tools are required and specific training. You may be putting yourself at risk by attempting to do so.

What does air conditioning cost?
Ans: The cost depends on the output or duty required of the system, the length of pipe run, whether a condensate removal pump is required ,the type of unit chosen etc. There is no hard and fast answer but budget from £950-£1,495.00 inc VAT fully fitted, for domestic installation in one room subject to survey.

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