Feeling cold? Switch on your air conditioning system

A common misconception is that air conditioning units just pump out cold air. Today we want to dispel this myth and reveal that they can in fact pump out both cold and hot air.

All year-round use

If you want to save money on your energy bills, you should consider switching on your air conditioning system instead of your heating next time temperatures drop. It’s an air to air heat pump and in heat mode is cheaper than gas, oil or electric heating! Try it for yourself and see.

How it works

Typically, with standard electrical heating, you get one kilowatt of heat out when you put one kilowatt of electricity. With an air conditioning unit on heat mode, you get a minimum of three kilowatt of heat out for one kilowatt of electricity, so at least three times as much. This is because the air conditioning system pumps warmer air from outside. It can do this even on cold days.

Generally speaking, air conditioning unit systems are environmentally friendly and have lower carbon emissions than other boiler systems. Experts calculated that in 2016, if all the 200,000 residential properties that were built that year had had heat pumps/air conditioning units installed, over 720,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year would be saved.

Why opt for an air conditioning system?

As well as saving on your energy bills and helping the environment, air conditioning systems can be attractive in design, space saving and easy to install. If your home isn’t on the National Gas Grid, opting for air conditioning to heat your home could save you thousands.

They can help keep your home warm and cool, and when installed in a bedroom can make getting a good night’s sleep much easier. Often our customers remark that they’d wished they’d got a system installed sooner.

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