Could air con offer relief?

According to some of the people we’ve installed air con for, yes it can. And there are three things it seems to provide relief for – asthma, hayfever and sleeping. We’re so happy to have helped people feel more comfortable, we thought we’d tell you what they told us.

Hayfever relief – If you suffer from hayfever it can be miserable from spring right through the summer. And the summer just gone was particularly bad. The heat made being inside with the windows closed unbearable. But, opening the windows meant hayfever sufferers risk streaming eyes, bunged up noses and sneezing fits. Air con systems allow you to keep the windows closed and the pollen out, while staying cool and calm inside.

Asthma – Asthma sufferers can also benefit. Keeping the windows closed and the air con on can also stop other pollutants from getting inside, like car fumes, which can make asthma sufferers feel dreadful.  

Need some sleep? – We all know how awful trying to sleep was in that humid summer heat. And losing sleep can make for a very tiring day, as well as potentially causing other health issues. Keeping the temperature just right in your bedroom can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep and the general quality of your life.

Not just for the summer    

But air con doesn’t just help in the summer, it can be just as useful in the winter too. Keeping the temperature constant may help stop condensation, which means you can keep the windows closed and the outside where it should be – outside.

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