Common air con misconceptions

We often see people choosing to install air conditioning in a heat wave, but you might be surprised to find that there are also good reasons to install air conditioning in winter.

In this article we take a look at the common air con misconceptions that can lead to people misunderstanding the best time to install air conditioning and how to use it most effectively all year round.


1. Air con makes air cold

Probably the first and foremost air conditioning misconception is the belief that air con exists solely to make the room cold – partly because you’ll usually find a/c units installed in warmer countries.

But you can also use air con for heating, and because a/c heat mode uses ambient heat from the air in the room, it’s highly efficient, so much cheaper to run than using electric heaters or radiators.


2. Air con controls temperature

OK so we know you can use your air con for heating – so it controls temperature, right? Well yes, but that’s not all it can do.

As well as controlling the level of heat in the air it expels, an air conditioning unit can also control the humidity, and this is a hugely useful way to make a room more comfortable by making it feel less muggy on a hot day.


3. For a warmer room, turn the thermostat up

This again is a slight misconception, as setting a higher temperature when your air conditioning is on cool mode will usually not have the full desired effect, unless you just want it half a degree less cold.

For a warmer room, you should select heat mode as mentioned above – this will often change a snowflake symbol into a sunshine symbol on the control panel, and you can then set the thermostat to heat the room.


4. Air con systems replace fans

This is true to an extent, because air conditioning units have a ‘fan only’ function so there is no need to turn on a fan if the cold air is drying you out.

The fan effect on the air conditioner has no heating or cooling other than an evaporating effect on the skin which gives the impression of cooling.


5. Air con units are big and noisy

This is not necessarily the case! In fact depending on the size of your room and a few other characteristics, it might be more efficient to install a smaller air conditioning unit, which will generally run quieter too.

Even in large rooms, air conditioning units are designed to operate at a noise level that will not be overly intrusive – in fact the faint sound of rushing air and gentle breeze from the vents can be very soothing on a still and muggy summer’s day.

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