Are you sitting comfortably? Keeping your cool at the dentist

For some people, visiting the dentist is traumatic, even if they don’t need any work done. Almost half of all UK adults have a fear of the dentist, with 1 in 9 of these suffering from an extreme dental phobia or anxiety.

Dentists really want to help their patients feel at ease and make their visit as pleasant as possible. Patients who struggle will often sweat more than they normally would and there is also the risk of them fainting, whether this is in the waiting room or the treatment room.

Air conditioning can help

Waiting rooms can be claustrophobic and often aren’t well ventilated, which can make them unpleasant whatever the time of year, but as temperatures rise in the summer they can become even more unbearable. A good air conditioning system can be the answer and we’ve installed several systems in dentist surgeries in Manchester, Cheshire and Yorkshire over the last few months.

Often dentists want an air conditioning unit in their waiting room and in each treatment room to provide the best possible environment for their customers. The fresh air provided by the air condition units is of real benefit and can make the dentist surgeries seem more clean and professional. Patients don’t sweat unnecessarily and feel the benefit, however long they sit in the dental chair.

Heating as well as cooling

Air conditioning units can be used to heat a room as well as to cool it and it is often more cost effective to turn on an air conditioning system rather than the central heating. Dentist surgeries are recognising this and those with air conditioning systems are seeing their energy bills fall.

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