Air conditioning is for life, not just for heatwaves

Have you been sweltering on top of your duvet? Are you fed up of feeling like you’re sat in a pool of your own sweat?

It has seemed like the recent heatwave will never end. Whether you’re a fan of the sun or have become fed up of coping with the heat, it’s worth thinking of having an air conditioning system installed in your home.

Where can home air conditioning systems be installed?

Air conditioners can be installed wherever you like in your property but are most commonly found in bedrooms, lounges and conservatories. A home air conditioning unit in a conservatory can turn what was an unusable room in the summer, into one of the rooms you use the most.

They are sleek, stylish and available in various colours, so you can find an air conditioning system that complements your home’s décor.

Why should I get one?

Air conditioning systems can not only cool you down but can be used to heat your home in the winter, saving you money on your energy bills. There are health benefits too. They keep your body at a constant temperature, can help relieve asthma and hay fever symptoms, remove bad odours and stop bacteria from multiplying as quickly.

Once you have one, you won’t look back and will have wished you’d have had one installed years ago.

For each one kilowatt of electricity used by an air conditioning unit to heat a room, you’ll get at least three kilowatt of heat out, compared to just one kilowatt if you’d turned on your central heating instead. Air conditioning units can be used all-year long, so don’t wait until the next run of sunny days to have one installed.

Who should I call?

We are the home air conditioning installation experts so are perfectly suited to discussing your requirements and budget, before suggesting the ideal system for you. We have been rushed off our feet in the last few weeks installing air conditioning systems in homes and businesses across Cheshire, Merseyside and Manchester.

Don’t delay, give us a call today on 0161 941 5038 or fill in our enquiry form and get us booked in. You’ll be feeling the benefit in no time.

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