Air conditioning energy saving tips

Energy efficient air conditioning makes it easier to save money on keeping your home or commercial premises cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

A-rated appliances offer some of the most efficient energy performance available, but of course there are some air conditioning energy saving tips that will get the best out of your commercial or domestic air conditioner.

Here’s five air conditioning energy saving tips to follow to make sure you get maximum energy efficiency from your A-rated air conditioner.

1. Get the right aircon system

First and foremost, you need to get the right aircon system, from compact nearly noiseless domestic air conditioners, to energy efficient commercial air conditioning systems.

By installing the right aircon for the size of the space you want it to work in, and making sure you get an A-rated appliance, you give yourself the best possible head start on saving energy using aircon.

2. Close the windows

Air conditioning works best in enclosed areas, as that prevents extra heat from entering from outside.

If you’re trying to cool a room, keep the windows closed. This can feel counter-intuitive on a hot sunny day, but it’s important to give your air conditioner a closed room to work in.

3. Timing matters

Make good use of timers so your air conditioning is not running at times of day when it doesn’t need to – for example while everyone is out of the house at work in the daytimes.

In the context of controls, WiFi plays an important role. By downloading an app to your phone and having an appropriate receiver on your AC, it is possible to set temperatures in your house from anywhere in the world or simply as you are driving home from work.

Speak to your AC installer for more info as systems do vary.

Or if you prefer to rely on manual control, just make it a regular part of your routine to switch the aircon off as you leave the house, and switch it back on if it’s needed when you get home.

4. Adjust the settings

At times it’s completely fine to leave the aircon running at a certain temperature, if that’s what’s comfortable for you and anyone else in the house.

But you can save even more energy by adjusting the settings occasionally. For example, when it’s colder outside, you might not need it to be so warm inside to feel comfortable by comparison – so knock it down a degree or two for some instant aircon energy savings.

5. Hot air

Air conditioners don’t just cool air – they can also heat it. Because they circulate the air around the room, this can be much more energy efficient than relying on radiators that just warm one side of the space.

This means you can keep your living space comfortable all year round without spending unnecessarily on heating, making your air conditioning your energy efficient best friend 365 days a year.

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