Air Con Myth Busters

If you’re thinking about getting an air conditioning system in your business or home, you may be wondering whether the things people have been telling you are true or false. In this blog we’re going to reveal the five biggest air con myths.


  • Air conditioning systems are expensive


False. Air conditioning systems are much more reasonably price than they were years ago. If you come to a reputable company like ourselves, we will listen to your requirements and suggest a system that’s within your budget. We won’t rip you off. Our systems start from £995 fully installed.


  • Air con systems don’t need servicing.


False. For an air conditioning system to work to its full potential, it needs servicing and routine maintenance. An annual service will clean the system thoroughly, eliminating any bacteria and making sure that everything is working as it should. Without it, your system could become 5% less effective each year.


  • Air con systems can only be used to keep you cool.


False. They are predominately used to keep you cool but they can pump out warm air too. Using your air con to warm up a room can be much cheaper than switching on your central heating, and better for the environment. Click here to find out more >


  • Having air con can cause you to have a cold


False. This is simply not true. Colds are cause by viruses, not air cons. Air conditioning units move warm air from inside a room to the outside and then circulate cooler air back inside the room. This results in you breathing in fresher air, rather than stale air that’s been in a room indefinitely.


  • Air con is bad for the environment


Modern air con systems are much better for the environment than their predecessors and are often given an energy rating of A, A+ or A++. In a business, for example, the right system could help lower carbon emissions.

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