Advances in air conditioner technology

Air conditioner technology is advancing all the time, with new and more efficient air conditioners to choose from.

But there are some new features in air conditioners that might still take you by surprise – for example, are your modern air conditioner units connected to the Internet of Things?

Networked and internet-connected air conditioners allow remote control from a range of electronic devices, giving you central control of all the modern air conditioner units you have installed across your premises.

This saves you from having to manage each one individually in person at the wall-mounted control panel or directly at the air conditioning unit.


There’s an air conditioning app for that…

One example of the potential unlocked by Wi-Fi air conditioners is the MSZ-LN range from Mitsubishi Electric, which is now available from Northwest Air Conditioning.

These sleek modern air conditioning units come in black, white, pearlescent white, silver or red to suit a range of interior design schemes.

You can use the Mitsubishi Electric myDocs app to view up-to-date information, how-to guides and useful videos about the MSZ-LN range at any time.

And using the MSZ-LN Wi-Fi connection, you can also use the MELCloud app for powerful, real-time cloud-based control of every MSZ-LN air conditioner you have installed.


What does MELCloud do?

The Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud app gives you access to cloud air conditioner controls, to adjust settings like fan speed, operating mode, vent angle and thermostat.

You can also view feedback information directly in the app, including system logging and error modes.

Finally, the MELCloud app gives you live weather updates and direct access to customer support – so wherever you are in the world, you know what ambient conditions your air conditioner is faced with.


What else is new in air conditioner technology?

Air conditioner technology is evolving all the time, with smart controls and intelligent temperature sensors.

One of the big current changes is that the AC industry is moving over to a new refrigerant, significantly reducing the impact of air conditioner refrigerant gases on global warming.

You’ll see this in the new air conditioners launched by major manufacturers, especially in Europe where they need to comply with EU legislation – and it’s a great reason to look at modern air conditioner units when planning your next installation, upgrade or replacement.

To find out more about the new air conditioners coming on to the market and the smart technologies they offer to make your life easier, cleaner and cheaper, call Northwest Air Conditioning today on 0161 941 5038.

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